So thankful for the abundance of produce

Seasonal Produce and Flowers

If you want the freshest and most delicious seasonal produce or lush and gorgeous flowers to brighten your day, you must come visit our farm store open seasonally! In 2021, we will be open April through December.  Subscribe to our email list and follow us on Facebook to get a sneak peak of our various offerings and information on our hours.

Price: Varies


Whole Chickens

Our chickens are raised in movable chicken coops, allowing the birds to have constant access to fresh grass and bugs that make up a significant portion of their diet. They are also fed a locally grown, chemical-free grain blend. In 2021, we will have pick-up days in May, June, and October. 

Price: $4.50/pound


Pastured Eggs

Our laying hens are also moved around to new pasture with their movable chicken coop that allows them to free range.  They are great foragers and love chasing down grasshoppers and gobbling down any rotten produce they find in the compost. They are also provided a locally grown no-chemical grain blend. Our eggs are delicious as a result! Find these in our seasonal farm store or by special appointment. 

Price: $4.50/dozen

CSA and Farm Subscription Programs

We'll be doing things a little different in 2021! As in 2020, we will again be offering special deals to our customers that want to pay upfront for store credit that can be used throughout the year. With Baken Bucks, you can buy a discounted gift card that can be used to purchase chickens, eggs, produce, flowers, and more at our store.

And....drumroll, please, we are also offering a Produce and Eggs CSA this year! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means that you can buy a weekly (18 weeks) or biweekly (9 weeks) share of our harvest!

Our membership programs are FULL for 2021, but make sure you're on our email list to stay in the loop for next year!