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Why support local farms?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Are you considering buying vegetables or meats from a local farm? Wondering what the benefits might be? Read on...

Preparing healthy meals for your family, three meals a day, is HARD. Have you ever stood in the grocery store, overwhelmed with labels, wondering which meat or vegetable will check all of the boxes--organic vs natural vs conventional, free range vs cage-free vs pastured, and on and on? If you're looking for peace of mind around your food-related decisions, you might want to consider finding a local farmer you can trust.

Are you sick of struggling to find nutritious foods for your family and turning to processed food and take-out despite knowing that you want better?

I've outlined a few of the reasons why you might consider buying local:

1. Fresh is Best

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables start declining as soon as they are harvested. If you're looking for optimal nutrition, you want to select produce as close to the harvest as possible. With local farms and farmers markets, most of the produce has been harvested within a day. At grocery stores, where much of the produce is from out-of-state, it may have been weeks or even months. If you're looking for the best flavor and nutrition, look LOCAL!

2. Know your farmer, know your food

Depending on your values, you might want to ensure your meats were raised and harvested humanely...or your produce was raised without chemical sprays...or your food was produced in a way that enhances wildlife habitat and water quality. Whatever your particular interests and values may be, it's hard to know how the food you see in the store or at the farmers market was produced unless you've seen the process and talked with the farmer. Buying from a local farmer gives you the opportunity to ask all of the questions you want--and make educated decisions about the food you choose to purchase.

3. Vote with your dollars

Finally, if you choose to support your local trusted farmer with your purchases, you are doing so much more. You are encouraging the type of agriculture you want to see in the world. The money from your purchase helps to support the farmer in making a livable wage, enabling them to continue producing healthy, sustainable foods while stewarding the land. When you buy directly from a farmer, they receive a larger portion of the food dollar, which enables them to continue supporting the local economy. Plus, your support means so much to the farmer! It is so rewarding to know that you are producing a product that is healthy and APPRECIATED.

So there you have it--three important reasons why you should consider buying local rather than supporting multi-national food corporations! At Baken Creek Farm, we strive to produce the most nutritious and delicious foods that you simply won't find in a big-box grocery store. If you're looking for locally produced food in the Greater Harrisburg, PA area, we'd love to be your farmer!


Baken Creek Farm



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Located just 30-40 minutes from Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and Harrisburg! 

Farm Store Hours: We are officially opening on May 2nd, 12 PM - 4 PM. Open Saturdays!

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