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Why is Pastured Poultry so GOOD??

One of our products you won’t find regularly in our farm store is our pastured poultry. Instead, we will have two specific pick-up dates this year for you to get our fresh, delicious chickens! Those dates are Saturday, June 22nd and Saturday, July 27th. Because we only have these two dates available, you may want to stock up for the rest of the year.

We butchered our own 50 pastured chickens last year, and it’s been wonderful having one chicken per week to cook in a variety of different recipes. Such an easy way to get wholesome and delicious meals on the table. (If you don’t believe me, ask me for some ideas!)

But what makes pastured poultry so much better than chicken from the grocery store?

Happy Baken Creek poultry in their movable coops!

Raising pastured poultry requires a great deal of care from us--we keep our chickens in portable, open-air pens and move them each day to fresh grass. Poultry do require grain to eat, but pastured poultry get a significant portion of their diet from bugs, grass, and weeds. This contributes to higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals in the meat. They also have plenty of fresh air and ventilation. The fresh air and sunlight helps with reducing germs and keeping the birds in great health. All of these factors contribute to an animal that is less stressed, more active, and results in a more tender, nutrient-dense product for you!

We’re happy to answer any questions about how we raise our chickens, and you’re welcome to come see them any time--just let us know!

If you would like some of our Baken Creek Farm pastured poultry, check out our order form here--we accept cash, check, or credit. You can email us your scanned form, drop it off at the farm, or mail it to us. Send us an email if you have any questions. Whole chickens are $3.50/pound and quartered chickens are $4.25/ pound (will come packaged in one bag that you can divide up at home). Chickens will range from 5-7 pounds. There is a $10 deposit per bird required when you order that is credited towards your total at pick-up. Just remember, you can get a lot of meals from one chicken. I typically make 2-3 recipes with one chicken, providing 8-10 meals for Gray and me, plus 3-4 quarts of delicious bone broth. As a reminder, we have 2 pick-up days you can choose from or come to both (6/22 and 7/27)., and YOU MUST ORDER IN ADVANCE (first-come, first-served). Order now before it’s too late!

This could be your chicken! We'll have recipes for inspiration available in the farm store.

If you are interested in a bulk order, or if you’re planning on shopping in our store frequently, consider buying BAKEN BUCKS! Basically, you can purchase a $175 gift card for only $150! This is a great deal for those of you planning to purchase multiple chickens, or planning to stop in to our farm store often. This is a discount for you, but it also really helps us with early season cashflow--it ain’t cheap starting up a small farm! We appreciate your support. This offer is valid through JUNE 30th ONLY--so order now :-)

Let us know if you have any questions!

Your farmers,

Gray and Katie at Baken Creek Farm

P.S. The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association put together a great video showing how pastured poultry are produced and why they are so great. Our process is very similar to what is shown in the video. Check it out here!

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